-- Laura is a parable of molding information.

-- Anytime information reaches a certain point of saturation, anytime information cannot be contained, it becomes noise. (Just as "information wants to be free" so too does it tend toward noise, before moving onto more ethereal realms)

-- Radio, with its romance of lost signals, extraterrestrial communication, and superconscious vibration is the paradigmatic technology of noise, even as it is also the paradigmatic technology of noise's opposite (command-control-communication-commerce-code-celebrity culture).

-- Laura-- intersecting with histories of radio, voice on film, popular song, modernist and postmodernist storytelling, television and the internet-- exists in a liminal area between noise and non-noise, repetition and renewal, information and perception, human and machine. Yet across each innovation, as well as every timeless tic, there remains of predominance of the radiophonic.





Vera Caspary Otto Preminger Truman Capote David Lynch Michel Chion Galatea/Pygmalion Audrey Hepburn Artificial Intelligence

Content and Concept: Joe Milutis
Interface Design: Melissa Scherrer