Live media performance with Nicola Tirabasso on sound.


webdriver torso remix.

Mashup of an experimental translation of Mallarmé's “The Demon of Analogy” with  Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation.  Part of the larger Twenty Beloved French  Poems, Treated Poorly project.

Mashup of an experimental translation from Rimbaud's Illuminations with a trailer for Skyfall.  Part of the larger Twenty Beloved French Poems, Treated Poorly project..

Mashup of an experimental translation from Rimbaud's Illuminations with a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.  Part of the larger Twenty Beloved French Poems, Treated Poorly project.

Mash up of Luke Loeffler's IKEA by Price with “live” accompaniment by Sarah  Dowling, Joe Milutis, and Jason Conger (w/ Joe Thompson).

Mash up of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Helicopter String Quartet and The First Class’s  “Beach Baby”

A YouTube phantasmagoria of amateurs performing "Paint It Black," including karaoke,  flamenco, piano, and glee club a cappella versions.

Radios (2009)

Sound-text collaboration with Danny Snelson based on Ronald Johnson's Radi Os and Milton's Paradise Lost.


The New Swave (2008)

(Pronounced "suave") Performance for sampled lounge albums


Flaw (2008)

Sound poem with delay, hammer, and room.


New Jersey as an Impossible Object (2006-2011)

New Jersey as an Impossible Object was a five-year long multimedia project, which used William Carlos Williams' Paterson as a psychogeographical map for the city Paterson. The blog documented the resonant space between the poem and its restless referent with audio, video, photos, and commentary.


Airspace (2005-08, multiple performances)

Live transmission performance with low watt transmitters.


Noise Performances Orpheum

Recordings of noise performances I did with Kenneth Sheild and Jefferson Vimana regularly in Columbia, SC


Line of 32 (2007)

Line of 32 is a video commissioned for New Climates weblog exhibition. It utilizes original and found footage to posit cold weather an object of nostalgic reflection.


The Idea of South (2006) (excerpt)

A psychogeographical tour of modern southern ruins, inspired by Robert Smithson's Hotel Palenque slide show. (currently offline)


Glenn, Again (2005)

Bringing the dead back to life through new technology. Again. Glenn Gould is resurrected in North Carolina for a "live performance." Audio essay for The Next Big Thing as part of the There Are Ghosts All Around episode.


Super 8 Diaries (2005)

"Video" (transferred Super 8) with electroacoustic sound. Fragments of sun, corners of time.


Don't Drive Today with Yesterday's Maps (2005) (Excerpts)

Don't Drive Today with Yesterday's Maps is a meta-sci-fi-Christmas-musical. DDTYM appeared in the following formats: 50 minute one-channel video, hypertext essay, gallery kiosk, episodic video.  Intro episode and Fragment 4.a


Sound Design for Cabin Field (2004)

Sound design and music for Laura Kissel's video documentary Cabin Field.


Soft Science "Cinema of Attractions" (2004)

Music and sound design for QuickTime science movies found on the web. Selected and scored by Joe Milutis. Concept and commissioned by Rachel Mayeri.


Forget Heaven (2003)

Indian saints, Shirley Temple, menage a trois, Los Angeles, Moby Dick, giant turtles, and the Museum for Jurassic Technology. Audio essay commissioned for Thirteen Minutes of Heaven, ResonanceFM.


Interview Interminable (2001)

Lacan's short session as a metaphor for experimental audio editing. Part musique-concrete, part documentary interview.


Yogi Versus Gorilla (2001)

A yogi and gorilla meet and are transported to the astral plane and discotheque, inspired Luis Buñuel's Simon of the Desert.


One-Step Video (1997)

A video essay on Edwin Land, Polaroid cameras, and the utopian promises of instant photography.