The Quiddities (2011) in Triple Canopy

Multimedia essay.  “This” is discussed as a piece of literary minutiae that confounds the digital.  The history of Shakespeare Concordances accompanied by media performances of “this” pronoun, with thoughts on misdirection and attention in Michael Snow, Ron Silliman, and algorithmic conceptualism.


R, Adieu (2010) in Triple Canopy

Multimedia essay. Rolled rs, sound poetry, Charo, Dada, Futurism, Ezra Pound, Christian Bök, Jaap Blonk, lipograms, pasta fazool, dialect practices, alphabetic violence, Charles Bernstein, Georges Perec


F2F (2005) in Hyperrhiz

Hypertext film essay with video content. Gilles Deleuze, faces, backs of heads, Monica Vitti, Robert Smithson, hair part theorists, Robert Smithson, Issey Miyake, Jean Luc Godard, Psychogeography, Alfred Hitchcock, Max Ernst


Radiophonic Laura (2000)

Hypertext film essay with video content. Film sound, the uncanny, Vera Caspary, Otto Preminger, artificial intelligence, radio art, David Lynch, cybernetics.





Haunted Mazes (2007)

Essay. Paper mazes, the 1970s, Georges Bataille, Iraq, New Age dogma, Atari 2600, philosophical toys, William Faulkner, Robert Smithson, nomadic consciousness, IKEA.


Do Not Mingle One Human Feeling (2005)

Essay. Jenny Lind, phonophotography, musical emotion, sheet music, racialized notions of performance


Superflux of Sky (2003)

Essay. Ether, spectrum allocation, mysticism and the “new” economy




String Theory (2012) on Steve Elkins’ Reach of Resonance


Marxism for Dummies (2012) on Wayne Koestenbaum’s Anatomy of Harpo Marx


Out of the Blue (2008) on Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Helicopter String Quartet”


She’s Not There (2008) on Delphine Seyrig


Rebirth of a Nation (2004) on DJ Spooky’s Rebirth of a Nation




Translational Granularity (2018) in Amodern: Translation-Machination

Essay.  A discussion of the relation of literary translation to Xerography and media transduction, via W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn.


This Mysterious ‘This’: Joe Milutis in Conversation with Eugene Thacker (2011) in Ctheory

Interview discussing Henri Bergson, horror, and current projects.


Bottled (2009) in PAJ: Special Section on Transmission Arts

A short introduction to “transmission arts” via a meditation on the art of the message in a bottle and the history of bottle manufacture.

Alo, Ado (2009)

Sound poem. In three books, of which this performance is an excerpt.


Mystic America (2009) in Tsukuba Review of American Literature

Interpretive fiction or the fiction of interpretation? Hermeneutical excess brought to bear on pop culture phenomena yields surprising insights into the mystical history of These United States.


The Biography of the Sample (2008) in Leonardo Music Journal

Essay. Acousmatic art, musique concrète, life and liveness, Kim Cascone, sound objects, Stephen Vitiello, Hildegard Westerkamp, Matmos, Rilke, François Bayle, Scott Stark, Pierre Schaeffer, Francisco López, Gilles Deleuze, interpretation, sampling, politics of recording.


The Woonasquatucket Primitive (2007)

A “Temporary Autonomous Blog” documenting anonymous art-brut interventions on the  river. A mystery and a critique.


Making the World Safe for Fashionable Philosophy! (2003) in Ctheory

Essay. The Matrix and Jean Baudrillard


From The Style Manuals (2002) in The Styles

Fiction. Suggested usages, and some life lessons, from Strunk and White


The Parking Lots of Summerfest (2001) in The Milwaukee Orbit

Non-fiction. Lost in the dark peripheries of a festival, street performers running scared


Riddles of the Interface (2001)

in Wide Angle: Special Issue on Digitality & the Memory of Cinema

Essay. Multimedia art and Afrofuturism in the work of Art Jones, Reggie Woolery, and others.

The  Girls without the Camera in Their Heads: An Interview with Leslie Thornton (2000)

in Afterimage

Interview.  Discussion of Thornton’s films, Islamic imagery, appropriation and found footage.


From Hi-8 to High Culture: The 1999 New York Video Festival (1999) in Afterimage

Review of the 1999 NYVF.  Miranda July, Kelly Reichardt, Chris Petit, Christopher Wilcha, Tran T. Kim-Trang, Les LeVeque and others.


Think Again: Artificial Intelligence, Television and Video (1998) in ArtByte

Essay. Emergence, quality television, Homicide, Will Shortz, video art, photogenie, data visualization, Marvin Minsky, Philip Marlowe, Gilles Deleuze, Inspector Morse


Pixelated Drama (1997) in Afterimage

Essay. The importance of the pixel, via a meditation on Garry Kasparov versus Deep Blue


Radiophonic Ontologies and the Avantgarde (1996) in TDR and Experimental Sound & Radio

Essay. Radio art, modernist performance, psychoanalysis, Samuel Beckett, Futurism, Gregory Whitehead, Antonin Artaud