Glossophonics: Joe Milutis and Kristina Podesva

Discussion about translation, art-writing, Deleuze, alchemy and mysticism on Hollow Earth Radio.  December 2018.

Saturday Afternoon Show: WGXC

Interview on the relation of translation to transmission for Wave Farm Airtime residency.   July 2014.

Mysticism as Information Design

Discussion of Paul Laffoley's Dimensionality: The Manifestation of Fate (1992) and De Rerum Natura (1985) as part of the exhibition "Premonitions of the Bauharoque" at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle.  July 2013.

Collaboration as a Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Discussion of artist-writer collaborative works on view at the Henry Gallery Study Center, including works by Frank O'Hara and Willem de Kooning, Frank O' Hara and Jim Dine, Robert Creeley and Robert Indiana.  Discussion touches upon institutional collaboration, virtual literature, open-ended aesthetics, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. February 2013.

Prelusivity 101

A discussion of Star Wars, virtuality, and failure as part of a launch event for Failure, A  Writer's Life at Elliott Bay Bookstore.  January 2013.

Little Atoms: Lars Iyer and Joe Milutis

Interview with Neil Denny on Resonance.FM on the relation between philosophy and literature.  April 2013.


Into the Field: Joe Milutis

Discussion of new book and various projects with Steve McLaughlin for Jacket2.  April  2013.

Expanded Literary Forms.

Discussion of literature that foregoes, hyperextends, subsumes or supplements the book.  Simpson Center for the Humanities.  April 2012.

Introduction to Carolee Schneemann’s Fuses.

A "perverse" introduction or "weird hermeneutics" for Carolee Schneemann's erotic  experimental film Fuses. For the symposium "Carolee Schneemann: Streaming in from  the Moon" at the Henry Gallery, University of Washington.  November 2011.

Ctheory Interview: This Mysterious "This"

Conversation with Eugene Thacker on current projects, interdisciplinarity, mysticism, Henri Bergson and technology.

Deleuze and Cinema: An Introduction

Two-hour discussion session and general introduction to Gilles Deleuze’s major books Cinema One and Cinema Two, with particular emphasis on Deleuze’s philosophy of the  virtual, and its relation to the work of Henri Bergson.  Films discussed include The Passion of Joan of Arc, Last Year at Marienbad, Lola Montes, Citizen Kane, Vertigo, The General Line, 8 1/2, The Great Train Robbery, The Searchers, Humoresque, Stromboli, and Nights of Cabiria.  Powerpoint presentation, associated video clips and audio recording are compressed into a single zip file.  Northwest Film Forum, December 2010.

Poem Talk #25: Democracy at 10th & A

Discussion of Alice Notley's "I The People," with Erica Kaufman, Zack Pieper, and host Al Filreis.  November 2009.

Poem Talk #80: Fail Better and Revolt

Discussion of Tom Leonard’s “Three Texts for Tape,” with Jenn McCreary, Leonard Schwartz, and host Al Filreis.  September 2014.

Diamond Plate

Discussion of diamond plate metal work design in the context of historical religious images, Kierkegaard, politicized design, invisible infrastructure, duration and urban space. I've put together a sequence of my notes from this talk on a panel with Anthony Vidler, McKenzie Wark, and Ben Kafka at NYU.  April 2009.

Radio Poetics

For the free103point9 Noise Festival at the Ontological-Hysterical theater in NYC, I gave this talk after performing a sound-text work with laptops. Discussed are the problems of  locating a radio poetics, sound art and poetry in the 90s, Homeric epea pteroenta, poets as military devices, David Lyle and William Carlos Williams.  October 2008.

The Alchemical Gaze

Artist talk with short performance demo, delivered during my residency at the Visual  Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. Discussed are various historical alchemical images (including those of Maier, Bohme, and Fludd), UFO photos, Marlene Dietrich, everyday life, Situationists, Robert Smithson.  May 2008.


Passage to Sound

A live vocalization of Martin Arnold's Passage à L'Acte, accompanied by a short talk on  musical performance, visual presence, acousmatic sound, structural film, technology and  the body. Panel members Stephen Vitiello, Philip Sherburne, and Camille Norment look on in horror for the first 8 minutes of unannounced vocal chaos. The last seven minutes  situate the experience. Delivered at Sonic.Focus Conference, Brown University, Nov. 2006.

Virtual Literature

In 1957, Marguerite Duras gave a definition for virtual literature that had nothing to do  with data gloves, caves or hyperlinks, but which perhaps holds a key to understanding the  literature of the future. Discussed: Charles Fort, spam poetry, Julio Cortezar, Magnolia, Web 2.0, Alfred Leslie, Internet art, Andre Breton, data realism. Delivered at Location  One, NYC, Open House Wednesdays, October 2006.  This talk was an early sketch for my 2013 book Failure, A Writer’s Life


The Theogony of the Parking Lot

Script for lecture and tour of Wal*Mart parking lot (originally broadcast on low watt radio to audience in parking lot). Discussed: creating something out of nothing, history of shopping carts, wormholes, cosmogonies, cheap crap, baby lust, trailer parks. Delivered as part of Our: Town: Architecture in Art, Hudson, NY, August, 2006.


Deleuze's "image of thought" as it applies to radio and radio art. The talk frames me giving a laptop performance with radios and a low watt transmitter (Performance of starts at 25:17).  Delivered at Location One, NYC, Open House Wednesdays, October 2005.